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Spelling Bee Game

The Spelling Bee is a popular word game in the US where you try to find as many words as you can using seven letters. Each day, you're given a new set of letters, including one mandatory letter. To form words, you click on the letters on the screen or keyboard, making sure each word is at least four letters long and includes the mandatory central letter. You earn more points for finding more words. See below for detailed rules.

How to play Spelling Bee?


You're presented with seven letters, and your goal is to create as many words as you can using these letters. You're not required to use all the letters, but the central letter must be included in each word. Your words must be at least four letters long, and you have 24 hours to find as many words as possible. The game updates daily with new letters and words.


You earn points for each word you guess. A four-letter word gets you 1 point, while longer words earn you 1 point for each letter used. Additionally, in every game, there is at least one Pangram—a word that contains all possible letters, perhaps more than once. Finding a Pangram earns you an extra 7 points.


At the start of each game, you can see the maximum number of words and points you can achieve by guessing them all correctly. This information is displayed at the top of the game and forms the basis of the rating system.


Certain restrictions apply to the words you can use in the game. This includes avoiding words with hyphens, proper nouns, profanity, and made-up words. To assist you, there's a letter shuffling button that allows you to rearrange the letters for a fresh perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of the Spelling Bee game?

In the Spelling Bee game game, players are presented with a set of seven letters. The objective is to create as many words as possible using these letters. Each word must contain the central letter and be at least four letters long. Proper nouns, hyphenated words, and profanity are not allowed.

How are points calculated in the Spelling Bee game?

Points in the Spelling Bee game game are awarded based on the length of the words formed. A four-letter word earns 1 point, while longer words earn 1 point for each letter used. Additionally, bonus points are awarded for finding a Pangram, a word that uses all seven letters.

How can I improve my score in the pelling Bee game?

To improve your score in the Spelling Bee game game, try to expand your vocabulary and experiment with different word combinations. Focus on finding longer words to maximize your points, and pay attention to identifying Pangrams for bonus points. Additionally, use the letter shuffling feature strategically to explore new word possibilities.

Why is the word not in the word list?

Dictionaries aren't flawless. If you encounter an error, it means the word you entered isn't in our dictionary. As a result, it won't be accepted in the game, and you won't earn points for it. If you believe the word should be added, please email us at

Where can I find the answers or solutions to the Spelling Bee game?

You can find the answers or solutions to the Spelling Bee game game by accessing the "Yesterday's" section after 12:00 am. There, you'll see the complete word list from the previous game, along with your answers highlighted.

At what time does the daily puzzle change?

Every day at 12:00 am, a new set of letters becomes available to players. These letters appear based on the time displayed on the device you're using to play the game.

What is Spelling Bee?

Spelling Bee is a word puzzle game where players use a set of seven letters to create words. The goal is to make as many words as you can, earning extra points for using all seven letters in a word. It offers both a daily puzzle and endless random puzzles for players to enjoy. With its easy-to-use interface, Spelling Bee is a captivating game that will challenge your vocabulary abilities.